Brake forming is a low cost method of producing low volume -hi mix parts that require tight bends or specific radii typically found on small clips or brackets.





Hydroform USA have five brake forming machines ranging from 8' to 12' long. Our seasoned operators produce thousands of different parts each year. Most of the parts produced by the brake form area are details used in the kitting or assembly area.

Hydroform USA has numerous machines including large bed machines.  Please see the list below for details.

The brake forming process supports Hydroform USA's one-stop-shop and reduced the length of the supply chain. We have a large inventory of common tooling which virtually eliminates the need for the customer to pay for tooling on brake formed parts.




Machine Type

Max Part Size


Accurpress Model 713010      120'' x 130 Tons, Advantage Pkg ETS 3000 +/_ .0004 Repeatability     Wilson Hydraulic Clamping System

Accurpress Model 7608              96'' x 60 Tons, Advantage Pkg ETS 3000 +/_ .0004 Repeatability      Wilson Hydraulic Clamping System

Atlantic 45 Ton                                                                 84'' x .090 Alum                                               Hydraulic


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