Hydroform USA hydro forming process excels at making ultra-light and ultra-stiff complex shaped metal parts with minimal material thinning.  This process is widely used to make aerospace and defense components.

Hydroforming is suited for parts that have contoured shapes like doors, structural components or fuel tank details. Hydroforming may be the desired forming technique when minimal material thinning is required. Hydroform USA is equipped with three high pressure hydroform presses that can form large metal components up to 15 inches in depth. We can form any type of alloy including aluminum, titanium or steel.

 Verson Bladder (bag press-fluid forming).

(Bladder/ Bag Press) 2 Tables

        1.  50'' x 120'' x 7.5''               5,000 psi

        2.  35'' x 119'' x 6''                  7,500 psi

        3.  35'' x 119'' x 6''                  5,000 psi

        4.  19'' x 49'' x 4''                    5,000 psi

Our hydroform machines are equipped with dual beds. The beds are large which allow for multiple jobs to run simultaneously which reduces cost. We're able to produce small batches which make it particularly attractive to customers with low volume requirements. We manufacture our own dies making this process particularly cost effective for our customers.




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