Monitoring and Measurement of Product

Hydroform USA maintains documented procedures for inspection and testing activities in order to verify that the specified customer requirements for the product are met.  The required inspection and testing, and the records to be established, are detailed in the quality plan (Hydroform USA ‘planning record’) or documented procedures. Further, Hydroform USA monitors both product and processes using monthly metrics, SPC data, any necessary inspection equipment, Internal product and process audits, the results of which are calculated and posted each month.

Machine Type

Max Part Size


            Faro Arm (CMM/Digitizer)                                                        10 feet                                                   Mobile unit using Verisurf CAD

            Leica AT901-MR w/T-Probe                                              No Limitations                                              Mobile unit using Verisurf CAD

            Dial/Digital Caliper                                                                     6-8"



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