Chemical Test Laboratory. At Hydroform USA we provide the following lab protocols:


•  Solution Analyses Testing for the Chemical Processing Line

•  Etch Rate Determination

•  Corrosion Resistance/Salt spray testing per ASTM B 117

•  Chemfilm Conversion and Anodize Coating Weight Determination

•  Wet tape paint adhesion testing

•  Analysis of glycol quenching solutions

•  Meet compliance standards for AQMD, EPA, DTSC, LACSD, and CUPA






Calibration Chem Lab



In an ever changing environment, the laboratories at Hydroform USA employ a vast array of technologies to keep up with customer demands. Software solutions in the calibration lab keep track of due dates and notify calibration technicians when hand tools are nearing their calibration dates as well as easing the calibration process by taking inputted data and creating automated certificates for print or PDF storage. The chemical lab is capable of analyzing customer specified parameters for heat treat quench tanks and chemical processing tanks to ensure solutions are maintained under control. Some parameters include pH, conductivity, resistivity, solution alkalinity and reactivity, fluoride ion content, silicate content, salt contamination, kinematic viscosity, and refractive index measurements.

ASTM B-117 compliant Salt Spray Chambers



NIST traceable standards are used alongside equipment to calibrate hand tools used on the manufacturing floor.


ASTM B-117 compliant Salt Spray Chambers

ASTM D-445 compliant Automated Kinematic Viscometer

Analytical balance

Conductivity/Resistivity Meter,

pH meter

ORP meter



The miniAV  provides automatic Kinematic Viscosity testing within parameters specified by ASTM D 445/446 and ISO 3104/3105. Hydroform USA utilizes the automatic viscometer to test

the kinematic viscosity of the Glycol quenchant used in our heat treat department. The viscometer measures flow rates within ±0.001 second by electronically timing the liquid meniscus as it moves between thermistor timing sensors. Bath temperature is controlled with accuracy better than ±0.01°C between 15° and 100°, as required by ASTM D 445/446. The miniAV  performs in tandem with the proven VISCPRO®  II software for Windows® operating system, providing convenient sample ID data entry, database maintenance, and powerful reporting and LIMS connectivity capabilities.

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