At Hydroform USA we use stretch forming to produce precisely contoured products from both sheet metal and extrusions that meet our customers' challenging expectations.



Extrusion Stretch Wrap Presses (up to 28 Feet)

Skin Stretch Presses (up to 40 Feet)

Aluminum          Steel

Inconnel             Titanium





This process is particularly suited to multi-contoured skins and panels where other forming methods will not achieve proper results. We can stretch a variety of parts ranging from small details to large skins from full sheets of material.

Hufford A-15                                         10 x 28 ft                                          150 Tons

Hufford A-12                                        6.3 x 22 ft                                          100 Tons

Hufford A-10                                        1.8 x 15 ft                                            17 Tons

Hufford A-5                                         1.2 sq. in. x 9 ft                                              10 Tons

Hannifin                                             Extru 120'' x 6'' jaws                                       75 Tons

Pinchart-Denny                                   132'' jaws x 120''                                         250 Tons

Erco                                                    132'' jaws x 84''                                           300 Tons

Sheridan-Gray L-700     40 ft x 96'' articulating jaws CNC Controls, 20T Crane    750 Tons

All the work you need for your project done in one place.

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