Hydroform USA provides Aerospace/Airframe detail parts, machined part and assemblies to major primes for both commercial and military use.


In addition to applicable customer/prime contractor requirements and standard terms/conditions flow down (attached); all Hydroform USA supplies and Potential Suppliers should be aware of their contribution to product, service conformity, product safety and the importance of ethical behavior;


             • Supplier Contribution to Product or Service Conformity -- (The role of every

            Hydroform USA supplier in achieving first time quality)


          • Supplier Contribution to Product Safety -- (The role of every Hydroform USA

            supplier in usage and safety of product to include: FOD Control, Control of

            Nonconforming Outputs, Control of Counterfeit Parts, Shelf-life Controls, Storage

            and Handling conditions, etc.)


          • The Importance of Ethical Behavior -- (The role every Hydroform USA supplier

             has providing accurate and forthright information regarding the status of product

             -- to include non-conformance).


          • Suppliers providing raw materials, subcontracting, or processing services used in

             the manufacture of the finished product provided to Hydroform USA, Inc., are

             required to maintain compliance with advanced quality system requirements, as

             applicable (ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q 9003 or equivalent, AS 9100, and NADCAP).

             OEM/prime contractor granted approvals and qualification may also be required.


           • All suppliers evaluated by Hydroform USA, Inc. for inclusion to the Approved

             Supplier List are required to adequately complete and sign a Supplier Survey

             form and agree to Hydroform USA terms and conditions.


           • Suppliers added to Hydroform USA, Inc. "Approved Supplier List," are subjected

             to continuous monitoring for quality and delivery performance and must maintain

             minimum performance standards to retain approval status.









                                            HFUSA TERMS & CONDITIONS




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